[Ti] Panther anyone? No.

Loren loren at flash.net
Sat Jul 19 07:04:11 PDT 2003

You're exactly right Dave. It took me a few hours to poke around (and
learn) and figured that out. Many chat forums with Panther threads have
been contacted by Apple and they've been removed from those sites. I
went ahead and put Jaguar back on my Ti (even though I could have bought
a new Ti with the money I spent to get Panther from WWDC) and will
eagerly wait Panthers official release. 


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> Messages like Loren's are the _exact_ reason why the NDA is needed!
> Academic discussions between developers don't really matter, but when
> someone posts to a group that includes people less familiar with beta
> practices, claiming that panther crashes, is slow and lacks support
> this and that - that is when it harms Apple!
> By the way, boot time has never "taken for ever", and it is really no
> big deal considering waking from sleep takes just a second.
> There are no beta email groups, because the NDA you must have signed
> legally get your Panther copy forbids discussing the prototype even
> with other NDA signers. This is a problem for programmers who have
> problem with the new version, but are unable to discuss it on the
> hosted mailing lists.
> Lets not discuss Panther until it has been publicly released...
> / Regards, David Remahl
> On lördag 19 juli 2003, at 08.48AM, Glenn L. Austin wrote:
> > on 7/18/2003 9:44 PM, Loren at loren at flash.net wrote:
> >
> >> The update won't fix SMB :(
> >> And it still takes forever to boot.
> >> Does anybody here know of any beta email groups?
> >
> > I think that, since Panther is still beta, that it is covered under
> > NDA?
> >
> > You might want to consider that before discussing it on public
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