[Ti] 10.2.8

Henry Kalir kalirhe at umdnj.edu
Wed Oct 1 04:29:04 PDT 2003

On Wed, 1 Oct 2003, b wrote:

> Massimo Marino paused, thought it over, and spoke thusly:
> >Indeed. Why 'cheerleader' anyway?
> >
> >I always have seen problems in mailing lists after updates. To my 
> >knowledge this is the first Apple pulls out so they recognized they 
> >could *fix* something in it. In all these updates Apple warns 
> >against using hacks to the OS and they did it with this one as well.
> >But they pulled it so I am not saying it was 100% OK.


> >Massimo
> Why cheerleader?
> Good question, but a more relevant question is: Does Apple see 
> themselves as powerful computing, 'for the rest of us', with plug 'n 
> play, easily navigable systems that Grandma can use to post pictures 
> of the dog on her .Mac account, or a company catering to these (in 
> their own mind) wizards who run OpenFirmware reboots, 
> repair-in-advance routines,  and use extensive third-party 'security' 
> procedures to inoculate themselves from Apple software that is 
> 'rushed out the door'?
> The boys in Cupertino, and their sycophantic cheerleaders, can't have 
> it both ways. They harp about quality, so fine, lay it on us, 
> starting with latches, updates that aren't destructive, and a 21st 
> century Finder, for starters.
> For one thing, with all due respect, we have to realize that 
> commentators here, who are also part of the Apple-centric media, have 
> a vested interest in saying Very Nice things. I'm al for that. But 
> really, dear readers, don't look to the ad-conscious advance men for 
> consumer advocacy.
> Think different doesn't imply think dumb, after all. IBM's thing 
> "Think" was a little terse, but more to the point.
> I don't 'hold Apple responsible', for anything. As a matter of fact, 
> with the relatively few mechanical problems on the Ti-Books, I think 
> those underage children in Taiwan and mainland China deserve a nice 
> round of applause. Don't get me wrong, all the big companies use 
> slave labor, somewhere. But the deal is, when you slap your brand 
> name on the item, you take the heat. And Apple can't blame their 
> hugely bungled 10.2.8 update on children in Asia, IBM, or the fact 
> that their Marketing-targeted demographic isn't entirely composed of 
> semi-paranoid techno wunderkinds.
> The 'buck' (so to speak, not to be confused with the buck-a-day 
> laborers) has to stop 'somewhere'. I think that was what was 
> referenced to by the notion of 'coming clean'. Making it 'right' 
> would be a nice gesture. I'm not holding my breath. <laughs>
> ~flipper

Thank you, Flipper - couldn't have said it better myself!

You hit the nail right on the head.

The sad part (Shawn, Massimo, Michael Bigley and others of the
cheerleading squad) is that you are doing Apple great harm with your
"Apple can do no wrong/it's your fault anyway/caveat emptor/go to Windows
if you don't like it...etc" and all those other pearls of "wisdom/sarcasm"

I say to the UNbiased members of this list - don't let them get away with
it! Raise your voice too, and be heard...for US and a BETTER Apple.



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