[Ti] 10.2.8

b fl1pper at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 1 13:23:29 PDT 2003

Michael Bigley paused, thought it over, and spoke thusly:

>>According to what 'fragmented' reasoning? Slashdot is two things, 
>>links to other news items, and comments on the news. Most people 
>>don't read the original items on Slashdot, they just comment on the 
>>comments. If you read the actual items, it ends up being a lot more 
>I am not a SlashDot member, my SlashDot stuff comes across RSS feeds 
>in Watson; I read the stuff in the hope of an actual useful link. 
>You are the first person who has ever defended it's credibility to 
>me. Since their is no editorial control, I suspect much more 
>"opinion presented as fact" or "Rush Limbaugh style of fact finding" 
>than real information.  Unless there are verifiable links, it is 

On Slashdot, and Apple.Slashdot, every 'article', or topic thread, 
begins with outside links. In a way, one never needs to look at 
opinions, per se, at all. I set my prefs on slashdot for opinions 
rated +5 minimum, so i never need wade through the flamebait, 
redundancies, and lunacy that the Slashdot 'blog-like' opinions are 
rightly noted for. I use it differently, and I get different results. 
makes sense, no? It's sort of like a Preferences version of GIGO (the 
old GarbageIN GArbageOut programming truism).

I see links, all the time to NASA, major (and minor) media, 
universities, etc. It was there that the 10.2.8 problems first broke. 
it was there that i first got wind of the big Virginia Tech order for 
G5, the impending end of NASA's galileo mission, etc. I see 
interviews with Linus Torvalds from time-to-time, informative tips 
(and wacky ideas) regarding Apache, open source issues, copyright 
issues, (balanced, as a rule, meaning equal parts reasonable and 
loony, again, easily edited 'up-front'), and many other scientific 
discussions that don't get much play in the Mac-centric, or 
Linux-centric online media.

It's geeky, which is okay, but also means that it draws a lot of 
people who need more 'outside' activities, no question about that.


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