[Ti] AOL only does HTML

cbirds cbirds at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 8 08:50:12 PDT 2003

On Wednesday, October 8, 2003, at 11:42  AM, William Scammell wrote:

> yuck. $60 of your perfectly good money wasted.
> i wonder if it would've been easier to cancel via your credit card 
> company?

There is no excuse for this!
They could have gone to KEYWORD: Billing, and changed it to NO CREDIT 
Then they call BILLING and tell them as of a certain date, they are NOT 
paying so now up to them to cut you off.
AOL should refund you the $60 if you did not authorize any services 
beyond the free trial.

Most often, when people cancel, they give them an extra free 2 months 
or so, so there should have been no excuse for you to have to have paid 

If you used a credit card, you could have also called them and  
instructed them to reject charges from AOL.

I am going to be up against this "no text" problem soon when one of my 
clients eventually migrates to OS X. (She likes 9 better for now, but 
since AOL 5 is losing a lot of ground on the service, it might be soon) 
I have set up a Mailman newslist for her so she can send out infrequent 
read-only newsletters about her upcoming appearances to people who have 
given their email addresses at past performances. Right now, AOL 5 CAN 
do plain text, but if she uses AOL for X I will have to have her log 
into webmail to do it. Fortunately for her, it won't be that often.
I just automatically set all mailing lists for text only so I have not 
even explored the Mailman program to see if in this one case it will 
take HTML posts.
Then again, as her webmaster, I can aways just send it myself, as 
relayed from her......

IMHO, big mistake for AOL not to allow plain text.

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