[Ti] Panther release date announced!

Michael Bigley wakinyan at fuse.net
Thu Oct 9 05:48:07 PDT 2003

>According to the Apple website, only purchases on or after Oct 8 will
>qualify for the $19.95 upgrade price, with the exception that all G5s
>qualify. I couldn't find anything that mentions a 90-day period, but the
>upgrade offer is good for a 60-day period ending December 26.

the downside of relying on the internet for information is obtaining 
legacy information like this, that a company would not want the 
public to have access; I am fairly certain that in the early days of 
OSX at least the up-to-date program was 90 days... as much as I love 
Apple, they do have an ongoing and fairly consistent corporate policy 
of gouging the faithful at every opportunity.
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