[Ti] New Powerbook users unite

Barry Lyden blyden at mac.com
Sun Oct 12 18:47:36 PDT 2003

I'm not sure what Apple's policy is at this point. Their web site says one
thing, but some people that purchased a new Powerbook in September are
definitely getting the up-to-date pricing (check macrumors.com discussion
forum). Others are getting a "serial number not found" error message even
though they registered their product at the same time others did. I know, as
I am one of them. Interestingly, some people have tried, failed, tried again
a day or two later and succeeded.  So it's worth a retry.


On 10/12/03 8:27 PM, "David Grieve" <dgrieve at cfl.rr.com> wrote:

> Just go to the apple up to date web site and enter your info--If it
> doesn't work--Then complain.  It appears to work for those who have tried.
> Michael Bigley wrote:
>> If you are a new powerbook owner and want to join others in letting
>> Apple know their up-to-date program is unfair to you, check this out:
>> <http://www.allosx.com/1065721928>
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