[Ti] more on my dead SuperDrive.....

Fred fred at mindstate.com
Thu Aug 5 11:45:18 PDT 2004

> At 2:04 PM +0200 7/28/04, Dr. Trevor J. Hutley wrote:
> Thursday 5 August 2004
> One week later, yesterday, I have received no SuperDrive from Apple,
> so I call them.
> They said that someone had cancelled the shipment of the DVD drive to
> me, but could not say who or why.  It is hard to believe that
> 'someone', withiout leaving any record in the file, can just cancel
> an important shipment.
> Apple said there is nothing they can do to help me, as they now say
> that the authorised service centre has to order the part.
> Fortunately, I found a very helpful person at the service centre here
> in Geneva (ART Computer) who ordered the part this evening, just
> based on a phone call, and promised to call me when the drive
> arrived, and that he would fix it the same working day.  That is what
> I call service.
> regards,  Trevor

Make sure you talk with Carlos there at ART's. He is the MGR and is a great
guy.  Good place.

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