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b syrflip at verizon.net
Sat Aug 7 09:22:40 PDT 2004

Thanks for the reply Kynan,

A few 'pointers' drives read faster thn they write, and they read 
sequentially-oriented files faster than randomly located files.

Packet size, state of the drives fragmentation and free space, and 
size of the file also affects speed (not just the 'time', but actual 
per second transfer rate).

I run DiskWarrior on several drives (including all partitions, about 
every two weeks. Have for years. Also running Speed Disk very 

Since 1978 I had one drive die on me: A LaCie that had less than 48 
hours of actual time on it. It was a factory dud. No great loss of 
data, as it was a simple backup portable. Still, a pain in the 
backside. LaCie replaced it after the warranty ran out. I never got 
around to the 'fix' in the warranty period.

I have an EZQuest potable drive that has been running, almost 
non-stop, for 2 1/2 years. No heat generation, very reliable 911 
chip, etc.

The new (to me) EZQuest 7200/800FW/USB-2 drive is very nice. Close to 
45 MB/sec reads, 32 MB writes. Random reads are 9MB slower, random 
writes are equivalent to sequential. Very nice.

I advocate that people use what suits, and works for, them, in their 
own style of work. My relayed experience with the Ti-Book is 
testimonial, not prescriptive.  :=)

I run maintenance regularly. My cron has been altered to riun 
DiskWarrioor periodically, and i dump caches on reboots. All of the 
caches. Considering my CPU is at 667, I am happy. There are times 
when i reboot, and 40-50 apps shut down sequentially. it's rather 
astonishing when you think about it.

I want to start looking for a re-conditioned 1 GB or higher Ti-Book, 
w/64MB of VRAM, in the Fall.  I'll bite the bullet as far as OS 9 
goes, but i'm keeping the Ti 667, forever, i hope. It's been through 
a lot and served me well. When times and fortunes (specifically , my 
own) change, i will swap out the Motherboard, drop a SuperDrive in 
it, and be on my way.


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