[Ti] moving from Titanium to Albook

Wilhelm Wanders kaskudoo at freenet.de
Sun May 2 08:35:39 PDT 2004

Hi =)

I don't think it is that easy though .... there are settings, that are 
not in the Users Folder ... I recently plain formatted my drive and 
installed Panther - I did a clean install and the way I did it was 
1. Make a checklist with every application that you have, verify you 
have the install disks and check for updates on the homepage
2. Put your devices (burner, drives, etc.) on a list and check for 
drivers and updates as well (also on the homepage)
3. Personal settings are mostly found in the User Folder, thats right, 
but rhere are also lots of settings online .... Make a list of all 
Accounts and check the passwords .... don't do it on your mac, but on a 
piece of paper ... also your mail accounts find on there ....
4. Also think of exporting Addresses from the Address Book and export 
the mailboxes (in case you want the older mails)
5. Thats it - I pretty much opened the fodlers on my hd (apps, user) 
and went down in them and checked every item that was there .....

Of course you can always back up the whole drive (got that too) just 
for safety reasons .... also be aware that there might be something you 
overlook .... there almost always is, but in 99 of 100 cases you get to 
it (cause you got a backup) .....
In the end the decision is yours ..... oh, and don't forget to plan a 
few hours for that whole thing .... get some nice food and something to 
drink - be prepared =)
(those things can be entertaining too!)

Good luck,



On May 2, 2004, at 6:16 AM, gwallace wrote:

> On May 1, 2004, at 11:13 AM, B Forbes wrote:
>> I guess it's the preserving of settings statement that throws me ... 
>> is it the settings of like my email, bookmarks, etc. or is the 
>> machine settings found in the Apple system profiler?
> I think the only user settings you will need are in your user account. 
>  If you create a user account on the new computer with the same name 
> as your TiBook user account (or accounts if you had more than one 
> user), you can start the AlBook up in target mode and just drag each 
> user folder from your TiBook to replace the ones you created on your 
> AlBook.  You might also need to drag applications from the TiBook 
> backup to the AlBook, but AFAIK all your user settings are in the 
> account you log in to.
> When my school laptop was returned to Apple for repairs, it came back 
> without any of my files, but all I had to do was drag the "Teacher" 
> account from my backup onto the newly formatted hard drive, and 
> everything (mail settings, etc.) worked exactly as before.
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