[Ti] New 1.5ghz Powerbook up and running

John Griffin jwegriffin at mac.com
Tue May 4 17:39:36 PDT 2004

John Griffin typed this message on 5/4/04 8:28 PM:

> Here is another problem I just unearthed, and it is a relative biggy.
> I just hooked up my new Powerbook to my 17" Studio Monitor and noticed that
> the screen was extra bright. So I hit the brightness button to adjust it and
> guess what? No brightness control! I went into the System Preferences and
> the Monitor Preferences Pane and there is just no way to adjust the
> brightness on an external monitor.

Well, I guess I mis-spoke or mis-wrote once again. Apparently the USB plug
has to be attached to the computer as well as the DVI plug of the adaptor in
order for the brightness control to kick in. Trouble is I hate the way the
ports are spread out over two sides of the powerbook. There just doesn't
seem to be an elegant way of attaching things without a god-awful mess of
cables! I guess I will just have to rip out my desk and re-arrange
everything! Why can't they make it as elegant and simple as the back hatch
panel of the Titanium Powerbooks?


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