[Ti] Connecting an External Monitor

Kynan Shook kshook at cae.wisc.edu
Wed May 19 11:59:19 PDT 2004

No, they sell a good number of them.  It's very similar to the plight 
of the 17" PowerBook; rather expensive, so most people end up buying an 
iBook or 12" PowerBook.  People that have money to spend or are power 
users often go for the 15.  And then there's a few of us nutcases like 
myself that go for the biggest thing we can get.  ;-)
I've seen a few in businesses, usually on the desk of an executive that 
also has a 17" laptop or dual 2.0 GHz G5, and uses it mostly for 
checking his/her E-mail.
Besides, Apple sold what, 12,000 of the Twentieth Anniversary Mac, and 
I've never seen one in person, though I have met people that have them; 
I've seen probably at least 5 or 10 different 22" and 23" displays (I'm 
considering the 22" since, IIRC, it was always more expensive than the 
23" is right now).

khyber courchesne <courchesne at onebox.com> writes:
> I've always wondered how many Cinema Displays Apple sells, given the 
> unholy
> price and mostly Mac market.  Less than 5000?

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