Mac/OS X viruses OT

Da Pen macstonelson at
Sat May 22 12:50:34 PDT 2004


David wrote:
>Despite my questions on this yesterday, as a Mac User

>since 1986, I don't believe I have ever had a virus.
>(I have had spoofs from Ebay and PayPal and a fair 
>population of people from Nigeria who want to be my 
>financial friends). Sometimes I wonder why I bother 
>checking my systems.

My two cents:
In 1990/91 I sold Macs at Computerland, viruses were
definitely real at that time.  Attempting to land a
sale of about 10 - 2fx systems, I loaned a Mac to a
graphic designer in a catalog company.  We networked
the Mac to their design machine and I went home. 
After a week I called to see how things were going -
nasty reply, they wouldn't let me speak with the
designer.  Matter of fact, the company owner asked me
to come afterhours to retrieve the Mac because the
designer was so peeved that she thought she might
literally assault me.  Apparently she fought with her
Mac for two days and nights trying to meet a printing
deadline.  As a budding Mac professional I was quite
embarassed cause I didn't even know what a virus was. 
The machine I loaned them came from off the floor and
occasionally I allowed some college students to use it
for printing - that's possibly where the virus came
from.  I had never had a problem with it in all my
demos so I had no reason to suspect.  Of course, I
didn't get the sale.  Always wondered if they got a
disk from another source that was infected and then it
ended up on my machine - I'll never know.

Adios, Dave

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