[Ti] Your PB and night

Kim Gammelgaard kgani at mac.com
Sat May 22 13:07:43 PDT 2004

On 22/05/04 21:19, "b" <fl1pper at earthlink.net> wrote:

> Kim Gammelgaard paused, thought it over, and spoke thusly:
>> Hehe Flipper, well, it is only done in a couple of seconds because it is the
>> wrong command, hence nothing happens at all.
>> In order for it to work, you should do a
>> Sudo periodic daily; sudo periodic monthly; sudo periodic weekly
>> Instead.
>> I put weekly at the end, as it is the one taking the most time, up to
>> several minutes actually.
>> Cheers,
>> Kim
> hehe, I 'piped' 'em. And a look at the log shows the step-by-step of
> the file trashig that occurs under each process. But yeah, the weekly
> takes a bit longer.
> ~flipper

I am not quite certain what you mean, Flippper,

Your suggestion results in nothing on my  PB and on any other 10.3 machine I
have nearby: 

>> Or open Terminal, and at the prompt, type:
>> periodic  -daily  -weekly  -monthly     <hit return>  usually
>> finished in a couple seconds.

The only file updated in the /var/log-folder is the mail.out, that shows the
errors trying to send the output (periodics default way is to send the log,
not record it.), and they look like this:

May 22 21:51:20 Kims-PowerBook postfix/local[28902]: 967C91B93F6:
to=<hBweekly_output at Kims-PowerBook.local>, orig_to=<hBweekly_output>,
relay=local, delay=0, status=bounced (unknown user: "hbweekly_output")

None of the real logfiles, daily.out, weekly.out or monthly.out are written
to at all. 

First of all, you have to be root or equivalent to run the various scripts,
so you have to use "sudo". If you are logged in as root it should do too,
but I would warn very much against doing so! Don't ever log in as root if
you don't absolutely have to! You may of course also just have altered the
permissions of various folders, so that the scripts will run for you without
need to be root, but that is as bad or perhaps even worse.

Second, there is no "-" in front of the arguments, look at man periodic, if
you wish.

Finally, you have a very good point, instead of your

periodic  -daily  -weekly  -monthly     <hit return>


sudo periodic daily weekly monthly  <hit return and supply password>

I didn't realize that you could supply several arguments for periodic, but
it sure works! (man periodic shows it of course, but I never went to look

Btw. Sudo periodic weekly takes 7-10 minutes on my PB, so if yours is only
taking a little longer than a few seconds, I guess I know why ;-)

Pipping on the other hand is something different, like in

grep Rotating /var/log/monthly.out|wc -l

Where the output from the grep command is piped into wc using the
pipe-character(option-i). It is not just supplying a longer set of arguments
to the same command.



P.S. Ordinary users should probably just stick with Macaroni, Onyx or

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