disconnecting ... (forever)

Dr. Trevor J. Hutley hutley at geneva-link.ch
Mon May 31 03:11:22 PDT 2004

I seem to be having some network/connection problems, maybe after the 
10.3.4 upgrade.

This post is about my dialup connection.

I call the ISP number with my (land-line) phone [in the office], to 
verify the number/line.

Everything seems fine (I hear the modem respond).

I put the phone line in my Al-book, have  Internet Connect open, with 
the correct telephone number, username, password.   I click on 

The connection is not made, and the status appears as "disconnecting".

This status continues "forever".  I unplug the phone line, hit 
disconnect, etc, to no avail.
It just keeps showing "disconnecting".  There seems nothing I can do 
to stop it.
I have tried quitting the Finder, shutting the Powerbook lid, etc.  No deal.

I think my only option is restart !

This is where Steve's comment (I loved it)

		"It's not fit for humans when such unexplainable things happen"
is so appropriate.

Has anyone else experienced this "disconnecting" issue ??
Any ideas of how to 'escape" from such a trap, apart from re-start 
(which is so un-Mac-like).

regards,  Trevor

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