[Ti] "end hanging disconnect" (was: disconnecting ... (forever))

Dr. Trevor J. Hutley hutley at geneva-link.ch
Mon May 31 13:12:58 PDT 2004

At 18:11 +0200 31/5/04, Dejan Sinadinovic wrote:
>Trevor, I had the same problem. Woz helped me with this:
>>>I had this problem for a long time. I had it almost every time I 
>>>used dial-up, particularly from airplanes. Then I discovered the 
>>>freeware app "end hanging disconnect" for OS X It didn't work for 
>>>me at first. It didn't work for me after an upgrade. It did 
>>>finally do the job after another upgrade and I am now VERY 
>>>pleased. I used to be very disgusted when there was NO way to 
>>>disconnect a modem call without restarting. After all, we can 
>>>always hang up a phone and get a dial tone eventually, right?

Dejan - excellent !!  Thanks for this info.  Woz' post was during the 
period I was back in the UK for my daughter's wedding, and I missed 
reading this one....

So you found, same as me, that re-start was the only answer.
Good to know that I was on the right track, but this is really un-Mac-like.
Is it not a strange state of 'evolution' when Mac users are 
(rhetorically) telling Apple that their OS is not Mac-like??

Woz - thanks for telling us about these obscure but incredibly useful 

regards,  Trevor

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