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Mon Aug 1 06:58:41 PDT 2005

Mark Swanson wrote:

>A while back, I archived a program i was using to CD.  I am not sure how I did it but I copied it as a .dmg file thinking it would be easier to re-install later if needed.  Well I need to re-install it and now after it is unstuffed it won't open because:  there is "no mountable file system".  I think I screwed up when I archived it but what can I do now?    thanks  mark

These 'error' dialogs are a finite set of strings that are sent up to the screen, sometimes because they actually are relevant, and sometimes because they're all that's 'available'.

Check the file size on the dmg. Does it look 'empty'? Probably not. Without going into the question of why (because i don't know), I've seen the same thing before. Sometimes disabling error-checking (or whatever Disk Utility calls the crc checksum business on the Mac), will enable good files to mount, despite irrelevant checksums. You can also open Disk Utility, with the dmg on the Desktop (but not 'mounted') and it should show up on the list of 'drives'

So, try draggiing the dmg file to Toast titanium (assuming you have it). I would say thatToast has mounted 9 out of 10 of the last images that supposedly had "no mountable file system"...Error -95, is it?

Also, in Disk Utility, you can select the "Scan image for restore" item under the "Images" menu. It will let you navigate to any image, so navigate to your un-mounted dmg file and let it so a scan. It may be more 'forgiving' on the hash, I don't know. Logic dictates that it might not use the checksum (which probably screwd-up the deal and forced the error -95, in the first place, although that is an uncertainty)...

If it 'clears' the scan, then double-click it in the list on the left side there, in Disk utility, and it will attach.

Give ithose things a try, it's worth a shot.

brian s

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