[Ti] PB versus new iBook

Jim Soriano jsoriano at sumbeach.com
Thu Aug 4 17:11:40 PDT 2005

Hello all:

I recently moved from a TiPBG4-800 DVI to an iBook 14/1.2Ghz.  I've  
been very pleased with the "upgrade".  It's great to have a  
physically more robust computer with superior (2.5x) better battery  
life.  The only downside is the 1024x768 screen size, but I get  
around much of that by using an external monitor and hacked video  
driver with the iBook at my office (1680x1050 is nice!)

By the way, I used Carbon Copy Cloner to move my disk image from the  
TiPB to the iBook.  It worked perfectly (Panther).



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