[Ti] Question about 2005 AI books and the mouse button.

Rod Duncan roduncan at telus.net
Fri Aug 5 18:19:20 PDT 2005

I have a 2005 model AI Powerbook.

>If you click in the middle of the button at the front do you hear 
>the clicking sound?

No, I don't hear the clicking sound when using the front of the button.

>I hear a click on the left and right and in the middle but not if I 
>click in the front anywhere.


>Can you tell me if you you click on the top of the button from left 
>to right whether you get
>the same response as in the middle?

I don't get the same response by clicking on the left or the right 
versus the middle.

However, I don't use the mouse button. I exclusively use the track 
pad to do all things mousie. Including the new double finger drag 
up/down - left/right.

My problem with the new trackpad is that it isn't as accurate as 
trackpads of the past. When choosing an insertion point or double 
tapping to choose a word etc. the insertion point, too often, jumps 
erratically. I have an open case number with Apple regarding this 
issue. I am going to have the trackpad replaced, at my convenience. 
We don't have a repair location locally. My buddy also experiences 
the same erratic trackpad insertion situation with his 2005 model AI 
powerbook. Specifically, he has an 1.5 GHz AI combo model and I have 
the 1.67 GHz AI superdrive 15" model. We believe the problems exist 
with many of the new 2005 version trackpads that allow double finger 
drag scroll. It is disconcerting when you are constantly on guard to 
make sure the insertion point ultimately reflects your choice.

My 2 cents.


Rod Duncan

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