[Ti] TI upgrade ?

Susan Rennie rennies at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 10 09:22:17 PDT 2005

At 3:50 AM +0200 7/12/05, zefred wrote:
>Well, I boosted my Ti800 with a new 1Ghz motherboard (the old one 
>fried suddenly after I overclocked it to 933Mhz...), 1 gig Ram and a 
>60Gb 7200 rpm hard drive, and I can assure you all of this gave it a 
>second life.

I would like to replace my Ti800 motherboard with a 1Ghz. Could you 
say where you got the motherboard and whether you replaced it 
yourself or is it possible to have Apple do this?

Thanks, Susan
PowerBook 800Mhz, 1GB RAM
80 GB HD
OS 10.4
HP Laserjet, 6MP, Epson R800

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