[Ti] Re: No Built-in sound input and output

Milan Kalus milankalus at mac.com
Wed Aug 10 10:28:53 PDT 2005

I have had no sound input and output. The System Prefs, Sound, show  
"No Input and Output Devices". When I plug in USB headset I get  
normal sound input and output and the USB device is listed in Syst.  
Prefs under Sound.

Another issue with my PB Ti 500 is that the restart remains  
incomplete unless power adapter is used. However, the battery shows  
full charge. The restart doesn't proceed beyond the grey just after  
the Apple icon. The PB works OK without battery, but no built-in sound.

Despite these two problems, built-in sound and battery interference  
with restart, the Power Book G4 works normally.


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