[Ti] 1ghz 15" Dualboot tiPB Screen Random Freak Outs

massmail2 at intergate.com massmail2 at intergate.com
Wed Aug 10 11:05:02 PDT 2005

Greetings Fellow Ti-Folks:
I am writing to you from my 1ghz 15" Dualboot ti-book which has 
developed a display problem.  The screen starts behaving erratically 
with a blurred black horizontal 1" line forming at the top of the 
screen, then the rest of the screen colors slowly start to fade and 
change color with vertically lines on the rest of the screen.  While 
this is occurring, i cannot click on anything unless i'm hooked up to 
an external monitor.  The video on my external 15" LCD looks fine, 
even when the screen is freaking out on the laptop. Sometimes, if you 
tap on the screen, or open and close it the video goes back to norma 
for a period of time, then starts freaking out again on it's own even 
if i'm not even touching it.

  Does anyone know exactly what is causing this and what exactly needs 
to be done to fix this?  I am technically competent enough to 
completely take apart and reassemble a pb Duo-230 or a Pizmo, but 
i've never disassembled a ti-book.
Thanks so much.

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