[Ti] Re: Toast 7

kalirhe at umdnj.edu kalirhe at umdnj.edu
Thu Dec 8 09:21:27 PST 2005

Quoting rob morris <rob.morris at earthlink.net>:

> > From: <kalirhe at umdnj.edu>
> > Subject: Re: [Ti] Re: Toast
> > Hi Everyone,
> > 
> > Does anyone have experience with Toast 7 on a Ti PB?
> I use Toast 7 and it works fine.  I prefer Dragonburn though. Great app
> to
> burn CDs or DVDs with.  Flawless.
> The new Toast 7 interface is a bit gimmicky for me but both work just
> fine
> on my Ti 1Ghz PB

Thanks, Rob!

Dragonburn? Never hoid of it...what is it? I see you're using both - do they
complement each other (one having features the other doesn't have and vice

Any "side-by-side" comparison of those 2 programs would be greatly
appreciated (if you have the time and inclination).




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