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Just like the 57 Chevy, the Titanium was not built long enough.


So, ipod has dropped superior firewire for the inferior but PC freindly
USB2. [image: Click
According to O'Grady, the upcoming Intel-based iBooks will lack FireWire and
x86 PowerBooks will have a single FireWire 800 port for digital video
enthusiasts and professionals to make use of. And 1394, as it's also known,
will continue in non-PC applications.

Apple pioneered the use of FireWire, for high-bandwidth peripherals like
external hard drives and digital video cameras. Ironically, the technology,
once Mac-only, has been increasingly appearing on Wintel machines, one of
the few, if not the only, Mac technology to migrate outward rather than

Still, the key advantage of FireWire - its peer-to-peer nature, meaning you
don't need a PC intermediary - has proved of limited value, especially in
the consumer space and in a world where computer companies want you to
connect kit to their machines, not directly to other devices.

Still, if Apple does start dropping FireWire ports, it will annoy numerous
Mac users whose external hard drives and older, pre-USB 2.0 iPods become
compatible no longer. But we've been here before, with Apple's original
adoption of USB over its own, ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) and serial port
interfaces, not to mention its decision to drop SCSI support for FireWire.

It's tempting to see Apple's move - *if* the prediction proves accurate - as
a sign of Intel's strength in the two firms' new relationship. Intel has
long wavered in its support for 1394, but always kept true to USB, and is at
the forefront of initiatives to create a wireless version of the Universal
Serial Bus. But Apple's motives may be more prosaic: why pay for 1394
connectors and controller chips when relatively few folk are using them?</>
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