[Ti] Cardbus not obsolete!

Ross Winn ross.winn at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 07:50:04 PST 2005

Please do not confuse me. Dead has nothing to do with useful. The VAST
majority of users never utilize PCMCIA, PC Cards, or whatever you want
to call them. They are a waste for MOST consumers.

On 12/14/05, Michael Cabelin <macabelin at yahoo.com> wrote:
> OK, my first real contribution to this list. I can
> happily say that my PC card slot is not obsolete! I
> have a TiBook 800 and the only way I can upgrade my
> wireless from b to g is using an Asante 54g cardbus
> wireless card. Not only am I happy with this, I STAYED
> ON TOPIC! Jeez...

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