[Ti] Cardbus not obsolete!

Mikael Byström mikael.bystrom at punkass.com
Wed Dec 14 08:52:51 PST 2005

Ross Winn said:

> The VAST
>majority of users never utilize PCMCIA, PC Cards, or whatever you want
>to call them. They are a waste for MOST consumers.

That doesn't equal dead technology. Dead means tech in question is of no
or little use for a significant amount of users or that a later tech
surpassed it and won. The issue is what is a significant amount and what
do we compare with.
Where do you get your numbers from anyway? Making them up as you go
along? What do you know? I really want to know? If you don't have
reliable statistics that support your "perception", then what you say is
nothing but hogwash. You could say "among the users I meet" or "according
to this survey", but that you didn't.

You say "Most consumers" What about "most Pro consumers"? "most Business
users"? Or for that matter "most Prosumers"? Consumers are not the end
all and Macs have always been about actually producing stuff rather than
all play and consumption. If Apple doesn't get that, they are indeed doomed. 

If you keep present "your perception" as the gospel, then you're diluting
your word. Is that an objective for you?


"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
--Arthur C. Clarke

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