[Ti] Virtual PC question

Chris Olson chris.olson at astcomm.net
Mon Dec 19 07:53:35 PST 2005

On Dec 19, 2005, at 9:35 AM, Dr Trevor J. Hutley wrote:

> I get the impression that with Microsoft it has not progressed.

The main reason Microsoft bought VirtualPC is as an emulation layer  
for backwards compatibility of legacy software in Windows Vista when  
they transition to the WinFS database-style file system.  The Mac  
version just happened to be along for the ride.  It'll eventually be  
dropped from their software lineup for Mac.

There were lots of pirated copies of VirtualPC6 floating around on  
the internet.  VPC6.1 broke the serial number hack that allowed the  
pirated copies to run.  VPC7 added token support for the G5 processor  
with no AltiVec support and a "fix" for the G5 not supporting pseudo  
little-endian mode.  It's slower than the proverbial molasses in  
January compared to VPC6 on a G4.

There has not been one performance enhancement to VirtualPC since  
version 6.0

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