[Ti] Broken Power Plug Tip stuck in TI-400

Robert Ameeti Robert at Ameeti.net
Sat Dec 31 05:26:00 PST 2005

At 12:11 AM -0500, 12/28/05, Kynan Shook wrote:

>Jerry Krinock <jerry at ieee.org> writes:
>>Use the term "torx screwdriver".  Look at the screws carefully before you
>>begin, though.  The two above the speaker grilles are hex, not torx.
>Though in a pinch, a torx will work on those too.  The only 
>disadvantage is that it will probably cause some damage to the 
>screwdriver if you use it like that, so only use cheap, replaceable 
>tools there.

Jeez. That is the last thing I'd do. Cheap, replaceable tools 
typically only cause damage due to their sloppy fit. Good quality 
tools will prevent damage by providing a secure and tight fit. I've 
never seen a quality handyman with a collection of cheap, replaceable 
tools to be used as a set for any type of repair.

Robert Ameeti

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