[Ti] Leopard?

Peter Sealy pandcsealy at internode.on.net
Fri Dec 8 13:35:20 PST 2006

Not exactly a true comparison but I have a Ti 867 with 1 gb RAM  
10.4.7. About six months ago I replaced the original 40 gb drive 2400  
rpm with a 60 gb 7200 drive. I opted for the 7200 speed expecting  
snappier performance. It may have provided faster performance  
[presumably it is] altho I have now forgotten the earlier performance  
speed. how quickly one becomes used to these things. But a  
significant downside is that the drive runs hotter and the fans  
activate much more frequently than with the 4200.

On your other topic, I believe that Leopard will work on my machine  
altho whether I install it is still unknown. I expect that Leopard  
may not run with its full potential but I am only a home hobby user  
so all the advanced features are of little interest to me [at the  
present state of publicly announced features].

On Sat 343 Dec,, at 5:47 AM, Jon Riecken wrote:

> Hi,
> I know from  Apple Discussions, people have posted asking if the  
> Tibook will work well with Leopard. But I was just wondering if  
> anyone else can comment on it working with a Ti 667mhz DVI/1GB/80GB/ 
> SD/AP? I was thinking of throwing in a 7200 RPM drive, in hopes of  
> getting a little more performance... What about the sonnet/daystar  
> processor upgrade? I don't want to try those yet, as my computer is  
> still under the apple 1 year warranty, and also have the choice of  
> getting applecare with it...


Peter Sealy

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