[Ti] Your opinions about using/ not using DiskWarrior for Tiger (3.0.3)+ problems using Mail & PS CS2

Shawn King shawn at yourmaclife.com
Wed Dec 13 08:46:10 PST 2006

On 12/13/06 11:24 AM, "Ettenberg Frank" <frank.ettenberg at chello.at> wrote:

> Dear List,  I have noticed that Photoshop CS2 & the Mail program
> occasionally have attacks of the mysteriously long-turning
> rainbow wheel - when I just start using these programs on my 1.67 G4
> aluminum PB.  I have 1.5 gig ram installed-so why should there be
> this slowdown?  Would using Disk Warrior for Tiger help or not?  I
> have a feeling that the problems with the above apps is a separate
> issue.  In any event I'd appreciate your opinions on the validity of
> using DW at all...& what I might do - if anything - to remedy these
> chronic software problems.

Excellent question. I'm going to use it tonight when I speak to the
DiskWarrior Product Manager. I'll let you know what he says.
Shawn King
Host/Executive Producer
Your Mac Life

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