[Ti] OT: Little Snitch and P2P

Kynan Shook kshook at cae.wisc.edu
Wed Dec 20 10:54:27 PST 2006

That's probably just the domain that the application specifies for  
itself - applications generally have something that's the reverse of  
Internet DNS - like com.apple.Finder - to identify themselves  
uniquely.  This is used to store preferences and such.  Presumably,  
Acquisition's is java.com.acquisitionx.AqMain.  So, either you should  
always allow Acquisition anything it wants, or stop using P2P. ;-)

"Dr. Trevor J. Hutley" <TrevorHutley at consultant.com> writes:
> I have just started to use Acquisition for P2P on my Al-book 1.25 (so
> maybe it is on topic)
> I set Little Snitch to allow all connections to the application
> Acquisition.
> However, I continually get pop-ups saying the application
> "java.com.acquisitionx.AqMain" wants to connect to....
> Does anyone have any idea where such an application may be hiding??

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