[Ti] From TiBook to MacBook: two questions

Ardeshir Mehta ardeshir at mac.com
Thu Mar 23 19:49:52 PST 2006

I have to say that the only marks on my TiBook's screen were caused  
by me, trying to rub off something stuck on it a bit too vigourously.  
And even those marks are invisible when the screen is on - i.e, not  



On 22-Mar-06, at 1:20 PM, Dr Trevor J. Hutley wrote:

> On 22 Mar 2006, at 18:01, Bill White wrote:
>> A few weeks ago I migrated to a 2 GHz MacBook Pro from a 1 GHz  
>> TiBook, skipping over any experience with the AlBooks. I'm trying  
>> to avoid one issue I had with the TiBook and trying to  
>> troubleshoot a now recurring issue.
>> First, the TiBooks are well-known for having problems with marks  
>> on their screens, and mine was no exception. It was plagued with  
>> the usual screen marks...despite the fact that the screen *never*  
>> came in contact with the keyboard; I used a piece of thin leather- 
>> like fabric between the keyboard and screen, but it didn't fix the  
>> problem.
>> I seem to recall that the AlBooks, and hopefully the MacBooks,  
>> have more space between the screen and keyboard, making a piece of  
>> fabric unnecessary. Is this true?
> My very early Al-book (OCT-03) has never had any key imprint  
> problems (which I definitely had with the Ti-500).
> My screen was changed by Apple in summer 2005 because of the white- 
> spot problem, but at the time, I had no key marks, and since then I  
> can report no key marks at all.
> Trevor

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