[Ti] Help required: dead powerbook g4 aluminium

Kynan Shook kshook at cae.wisc.edu
Fri Sep 28 23:16:15 PDT 2007

I would concur; at the very minimum, you'd probably need to resolder  
the joints from the DC connector to the DC-in board.  However,  
because you were able to smell something, I'd be willing to bet that  
you let out the magic smoke (that's what makes computer chips work -  
once the smoke escapes from one, it no longer works right! ;-)).  In  
other words, there's probably a short somewhere on one of the boards,  
and a chip fell victim to that short.  Of course, it could be that  
something in the backup *charger* was destroyed, but either way, at  
the very minimum, there's probably a short in the PB.  However,  
without detailed schematics and PCB drawings, you're not likely to  
find the problem unless it's visually obvious.
Flat-rate repair is the best option, I'd say.  Or buying a new  
computer - you may be able to sell the old one to a place like  
pbfixit.com for parts, or sell the parts on eBay yourself, or  
something like that to recoup much of the cost.

If only Apple made a Mag-safe floor...  You drop your PowerBook, but  
- aHA!  It slows down and floats a foot above the floor thanks to  
some powerful magnets! ;-)

Kynan Shook
kashook at wisc.edu

Jeffrey K. Lew" <jklew at ucla.edu> writes:
> The power jack on the DC board is probably broken, you just can't see
> it. There may be some electronic components on the DC board that got
> fried. Have you tried another power adapter, since maybe something
> blew up in the adapter and not on the DC board?

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