[Ti] new MacBook Pro

Dr. Trevor J. Hutley TrevorHutley at consultant.com
Thu Nov 20 15:50:48 PST 2008

I just received my new 15" MacBook Pro: 2.8 GHz dual-core/ 4 GB RAM /  
320 GB-7200 drive, replacing my 2003 1.25 G4 Powerbook.

Beautifully packaged.  Amazing style, design and engineering.
The screen is very bright and clear. Sound is great.
I love the keyboard, EXCEPT that I miss the enter key to the right of  
the space bar.....
Keyboard illumination is a positive step change over earlier versions.
Access to the battery and hard drive could not be simpler.

Migration of everything from my current G4 Powerbook from a FW800  
backup was trivial and perfect (just less than 1h for 94 GB).

Only one license key has been lost so far.  Only one application  
(Adobe Reader 9) had to be changed to an Intel version.

Backup to my TimeCapsule 500 is much faster.

Converting my Virtual PC drive to run under VMWare Fusion was simple.

I love the little Apple Remote (so I can now give all my Keynote  
presentations without proximity to the laptop).

regards,  Trevor

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