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Marcus Benjamin markymac99 at mac.com
Wed Mar 25 02:07:26 PDT 2009

That's a very endearing sentiment!
Thanks for sharing it with us.

I had a G4 500 MHz for a short time & it was a nice machine even  
though WiFi was very weak due to the metal casing.


On Mar 24, 2009, at 3/24/09 ~ 8:44 PM, Clare O'Farrell wrote:

> I hope people won't mind a complete newbie posting.
> I bought a tibook 500 mhz 3 years ago second hand on ebay and I love  
> it. I have just bought a new 1 gig tibook and ebay and am waiting to  
> get my hands on it to see if I like it as much. If I don't I will  
> sell it on and upgrade my 500 mhz to the max.
> I was interested in why other people are sticking to their tibooks  
> as opposed to using a new macbook or macbook pro.
> I just gave a 2008 macbook pro a try for a week and ended up with a  
> migraine and bad eyestrain.
> Here are my own reasons for loving the tibook
> 1. On my tibook I am using 10.3.9 with all the font smoothing taken  
> out by tinkertool - so nice crisp font. (I believe you can't take  
> all the font smoothing out from 10.4 onwards)
> 2. The screen brightness is just right (too bright on the macbook  
> pro and no amount of tweaking the calibrations helped)
> 3. The resolution is not too high so everything isn't absolutely  
> tiny as well as fuzzy (as it is on the macbook pro with 10.5)
> 4. The tibook feels as though it is lovingly crafted for the user. I  
> don't know what it was about the macbook pro (probably the  
> eyestrain) but I just didn't feel that the same care had gone into  
> it as the tibook. All the functions and speed are good etc of course  
> and I would love to have those on a legible computer (!)
> 5. The tibook just keeps going without a hitch - slowly admittedly!
> -- 
> regards
> Clare
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