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Ralph Lewis maccare at gwi.net
Wed Mar 25 06:37:13 PDT 2009

Reformat your hard drive and partition it to give you 2 120   
partitions that fit within your limits.

On Mar 25, 2009, at 12:01 AM, Kent wrote:

> Welcome Clare!
> Already you have the little Ti Mercury tugging at your
> hearstrings!  I have the same - the 500Mhz 15" Ti
> Powerbook.  I have actually upgraded as much as
> possible (as far as I know).  I have upped the RAM to
> 1GB, added a 250 GB HD (although I still have the
> problem where it only recognizes 128 GB), and I have
> replaced the old CD/DVD ROM with a Superdrive.  I am
> about to switch out the top case, which is badly
> cracked, and then she will be better than ever!
> I like the Merc because it fits me.  I have large
> hands (like having a ham at the end of your arm), and
> the large wrist pad fits me perfectly.
> I am also a sentimental fool, and she is my first Mac.
> I have thought about the MacPro, because I do like
> it, although I have never gotten to use one for a
> while, so I'm not sure about the eyestrain.
> I run OS X 4.11, and the fonts are fine, I didn't know
> you could, or should smooth them.
> My only complaint is the video card and the processor
> speed together have trouble keeping up with some
> videos.
> Other than that, I really love my Merc.  Other
> longtime Mac users are always surprised to see me
> working on it.
> Again, welcome!
> Kent
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> - Mark Twain
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