[Ti] selling titanium parts is a dead end?

Kent cv66seabear at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 16 09:32:42 PST 2011

I, for one, had to switch to a newer Macbook Pro, when my Titanium died.  I do 
have a Titanium G$ without hard drive but with a new case and new Superdrive 
that I would be willing to sell.  I stopped using it when the screen stopped 
working, and I needed my research for my Masters from the hard drive.  As far as 
I know, it needs a screen and a hard drive.  Might take a minute to find it fi 
anyone wants it, make me an offer and pay shipping.
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Il giorno 14-01-2011 12:30, MiB ha scritto:

> There are no enthusiasts working on titaniums anymore?
> I mostly looking at selling olds parts as a service, but perhaps time
> I recycle what I have and give up on the titanium.

How long have you been selling that board?

Maybe there's people who will look for it... but that doesn't happen
everyday. Maybe you need to wait some more time.

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