[Ti] selling titanium parts is a dead end?

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I, for one, had to switch to a newer Macbook Pro, when my Titanium died.  I
have a Titanium G$ without hard drive but with a new case and new Superdrive
that I would be willing to sell.  I stopped using it when the screen stopped
working, and I needed my research for my Masters from the hard drive.  As
far as
I know, it needs a screen and a hard drive.  Might take a minute to find it
anyone wants it, make me an offer and pay shipping.
Kent, You should consider using the Titanium G4 with no screen output as a
desktop connected to an external display, or offer it for sale as functional
with that limitation.  You can also sell it without a HD by demonstrating
that it boots from a fire-wire external drive.  I think most users would add
an internal HD to make it self-contained.
Richard Owen
"Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment."
— an aviation saying often attributed to Will Rogers
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