[Ti] selling titanium parts is a dead end?

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Mon Jan 17 09:30:24 PST 2011

I bought mine about 5 years ago for $400.
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>Curious as to how much you paid for your 500Mhz       TI. I think it was 3 years 
>ago that I got my Tibook 1.6GHz 15.2"       (the fastest G4 machine Apple ever 
>made) for $775.00 off eBay.       Tons of people were bidding. Has tons of 
>functionality; the 500Mhz       books were under-powered by comparison. Use it 
>regularly.     Run Leopard 10.5.8, Adobe CS4 suite (I'm a graphic designer). I 
>have     3 desktop Macs on my LAN and use a Dual 2gb G5 Tower as my main     
>machine, with the ti book at my elbow.


The Ti series only went to a 1GHz Processor, and that was the only model with a 
After that Apple moved the powerbooks into the G4 Aluminum series…thru the 1.67 
Ghz processors when they changed to intel and introduced the first series of the 
Aluminum MB Pro. I would think your machine is actually the Aluminum 1.67 
Powerbook, but not part of the Ti series.  Different case design, etc. 

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