[X-Apps] Dreamweaver MX is SLOOOOOW!

Ken Rossman rossman at columbia.edu
Wed Dec 11 16:02:46 PST 2002

Likewise, I find the Lexmark printer driver running away with CPU on
my system pretty regularly...  makes everything pretty slow...  until I
get fed up with it, hunt for the offending hog(s) and kill it/them...


On Wednesday, December 11, 2002, at 06:52 PM, Frank Flynn wrote:

> Open up "Process Viewer" and watch what's happening, sort by CPU.  I
> had/have a similar issue turns out that the HP printer software is 
> broken
> under 10.2.2 where it will max out your CPU(s) leaving no power for 
> other
> applications.  Later I found this confirmed on HP's web site.  (NOTE: 
> not
> all HP printers, check hp.com for details)
> But you never know what combination of things could be conspiring 
> against
> you.
> Good Luck,
> Frank
> On 12/11/02 2:28 PM, "Joyce Ranieri" <jranieri at twcny.rr.com> wrote:
>> I'm using Dreamweaver MX on my ice i-Book. It is UNBEARABLY slow! Any
>> ideas what the problem might be? I have a 600 Mhz. PowerPC G3, 384 MB
>> of RAM. It is driving me crazy -- there is often a lag of four to five
>> minutes -- or MORE! This is killing my productivity!
>> Joyce
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