[X-Apps] 1. mail.app losing passwords

sc at creativeartlink.com sc at creativeartlink.com
Wed Dec 18 05:50:26 PST 2002

hi colin,
many people seem to have the same problem ..i checked the apple 
discussion lists and saw the same problem mentioned several times ... 
the problem there is that not many people offer answers on the apple 
list as they do here .... and i don't think that cricket monitors that 
list.... </hint> hopefully we'll get an answer :-).
> At 05:42 AM 12/17/2002 -0800, sc at creativeartlink.com wrote:
>> problem #1.
>> very frustrating ! i have several email accounts which have been
>> working well since august when i went to X... and again after my
>> upgrade a few months ago to 10.2.2 ... now suddenly i am being asked
>> every few minutes to re-enter my password even tho i do check the
>> remember password box and i have the password listed in the account
>> preferences...
> I also have this problem.
>> sometimes entering the new password work for a short while 10 -15
>> minutes ( my accounts are set to check every minute) and sometimes the
>> password will not be accepted at all... sometimes it helps to quit 
>> mail
>> and start it again ...sometimes not.
> Ditto.
> Just thought I had set something up incorrectly and haven't had the 
> time to=
> =20
> track it down.  Any help would be appreciated. TIA
> Colin
> =B8,=F8 =BA=B0`=B0=BA =F8,=B8=B8,=F8 =BA=B0`=B0=BA =F8,=B8=B8,=F8 
> =BA=B0`=B0=
> =BA =F8,=B8
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> Colin Hoogeboom
> <choogeboom at acm.org>
> Beige G3/450 DT/288MB/9.2 and OS X (Jag)

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