Judy Antipin jlap at comcast.net
Wed Dec 18 12:39:49 PST 2002

Don't know if this applies to your model, I had an older one when I 
installed a G3 upgrade card and got simlar behavior. Turned out I had to 
remove the backside cache. Then it worked fine.

George Clarkson wrote:

> After installing new ZIF processor the computer went nuts, completely
> zonked.  
>  I gave up and reinstalled , it was still crazy.  This sounded like some of
> the situations related to the PRAM battery that I had noted on lists so I
> shut down, unplugged and let sit for six hours.
> Then it started up normally and nothing had been lost.
> I will try again after arranging a bootable back up of some kind as I could
> not get to my slaveto use back up.  Wonder if anything would work while the
> machine is wonked .  Also will install a new PRAM battery.
> Following is summary of steps  taken and machine description.
> Did I do something to cause  this reaction and is there anything I can do to
> fix it when I try to install again? All insights will be appreciated.
> -----
> Installation notes;
> OWC Mercury  G3/533M Hz ZIF
> Installed/set jumpers for 533 MHz ,  66 MHz buss speed (jumpers on
> J3,J4,J5,J6,J7.)
> installed G3 ZIF processor
> Start up: got rolling message² can¹t open...can¹t open...²
> Zap PRAM, hit Cuda, repeat several times. same message ³can¹t open²
> Gave up
> Reinstalled original ZIF and jumpers
> Zap PRAM and Cuda, try to start  , won¹t start.  try os9 and osX discs, no
> joy, got broken mac, broken ribbon, etc.  Acts completely wonked, Nothing
> works.
> Unplugged and let sit 6 hours.
> Start up: everything normal, no data lost.
> -------
> Beige DT G3, 233 , 10.2/9.2.2 s/n HB744WGBBV, ROM REV$77D.45F6, 768 RAM, 80
> GB Maxtor master partitioned 7.9 gb for X/ 9 gb for os 9/ bal storage ,
> Slave 20 gb Maxtor not partitioned contains full Retrospect back up.
> External  40gb Mercury Firewire.  (3)PCI slots - (1) usb,  (1) Firewire
> -XLR8, (1) open-will be used later by  Raedon 7000 MAC Edition, onboard
> Monitor 17" ViewSonic, Epson 980 Printer (USB), Microtek ScanMaker V6-USB,
> ZIP 100 (SCSI).
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