VueScan (WAS Re: [X-Apps] Epson 1260 Photo Printer) terry at
Thu Dec 19 11:12:16 PST 2002

Sorry for interrupting... But this is the second time today I've been
pointed to VueScan but for a different product.
Do you have any first hand experience using the scanner Epson 836XL with OSX
10.2.2 and VueScan?
Is it as simple as installing the VueScan software for it to work in OSX
with Photoshop 7?


On 12/19/02 2:06 PM, "Donald Diswinka" <ddon at> wrote:

> Albert
> Yes with no problem.  You have to go to the Epson support site and
> download the necessary software or use VueScan.  The CD that comes with
> it only works in classic. I did NOT install it in classic at all.  If
> you have it already installed in classic I really don't know if it will
> also work by installing it in X.2.2.  You might want to remove that
> classic version and all TWAIN Classic drivers first.   I am using it
> quite successfully with the Epson-10563- Scan to File downloaded
> software and Epson-10564- Epson Twain 5.73A.  Please ensure that you
> follow their sequence in installing the software.  I have not tried
> Epson-10588- Twain 5.75A yet.
> Now if I could just get the Epson 1640SU to work with 10.2.2. but
> that's a whole different story.
> Don

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