[X-Apps] VueScan (WAS Re: [X-Apps] Epson 1260 Photo Printer)

Nick Scalise nickscalise at mac.com
Thu Dec 19 11:51:19 PST 2002

Vuescan works with an Epson 636, which I think is older than the 836, so I would be suprised if it did not work on the 836. 

Vuescan does not integrate with Photoshop to allow scanning from within Photoshop. Vuescan is a standalone scanning application. After Vuescan writes a tif, the tif does automatically open in Phothshop though.

Vuescan is a free download to scan and experiment as much as you want. Paying for it will remove the watermark that is applied to every scan.

Another excellent scanning utility that *does* integrate with Photoshop is LaserSoft's SilverFast SE. It costs only $9 more than Vuescan. There is also a free demo of this plug-in.  Not sure if it's compatible with your exact model, but it's worth a click or two...


SilverFast  (for the Epson 836)

On Thursday, Dec 19, 2002, at 01:12PM, Dragonberry.com <terry at dragonberry.com> wrote:

>Sorry for interrupting... But this is the second time today I've been
>pointed to VueScan but for a different product.
>Do you have any first hand experience using the scanner Epson 836XL with OSX
>10.2.2 and VueScan?
>Is it as simple as installing the VueScan software for it to work in OSX
>with Photoshop 7?
>On 12/19/02 2:06 PM, "Donald Diswinka" <ddon at erickson-mb.com> wrote:
>> Albert
>> Yes with no problem.  You have to go to the Epson support site and
>> download the necessary software or use VueScan.  The CD that comes with
>> it only works in classic. I did NOT install it in classic at all.  If
>> you have it already installed in classic I really don't know if it will
>> also work by installing it in X.2.2.  You might want to remove that
>> classic version and all TWAIN Classic drivers first.   I am using it
>> quite successfully with the Epson-10563- Scan to File downloaded
>> software and Epson-10564- Epson Twain 5.73A.  Please ensure that you
>> follow their sequence in installing the software.  I have not tried
>> Epson-10588- Twain 5.75A yet.

Nick Scalise
nickscalise at mac.com

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