find file duplicates on very large volume

R. Welz r_welz at
Wed Jul 16 12:35:32 PDT 2003

During my life as a macintosh user I collected many CDROMS (about 300
pieces). Now I got the Idea to copy all that on a (really) big HD
otherwise when I search for a file I have to crawl from cellar to the

My question is: When I have the HD with all the CDR on ot is there a
program which can handle and find duplicates? I mean not only duplicat
names but duplicate content (in text files for example). And with that
amount of content. And in reasonable time. Would SpringCleaning do the
job? How loNg would it take?

I have a G4 866 and would eventually buy 2x250 GB HD FireWire800.

Thank you for help.

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