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hart at nasw.org hart at nasw.org
Mon Jul 28 08:39:32 PDT 2003

> Same here - to set the web page image size, I've been scaling pics for
> the web using an ImageReady droplet, re-importing them to iPhoto, and
> making .Mac web pages from those right-sized pics. SR

That's a good idea. I hadn't thought of that. Creative use of iPhoto 
combined with Photoshop. I expect iPhoto will have some new features 
(along with a hefty speed increase) pretty soon. I hope scaling for web 
slide shows is built in.

>> If a person wanted to really dive in and/or learn for the future,
>> Photoshop has a nifty feature to take a folder of images and build
>> folders of thumbnails of the photos *and* the "full-sized" pictures,
>> and even build all the html to show them as a slide show.
> That's interesting - where is that?  I've been using droplets to scale
> photos for the web, and another droplet to make thumbnails. Works
> great, but I have to make the HTML by hand.

Photoshop > File > Automate >  Web Photo Gallery

> When I go to File, I have a menu option called "Export" and there I
> have choices of "File Export", "Web Page" and "QuickTime". I am using
> iPhoto 2.0.
> Joe

Excellent. Thank you to Joe, Susan and Scott. I had never found that 
feature before. Too bad it doesn't export to the automatic slide show 
builder on .Mac. But I suppose you could just drag it to the same 
folder with the iDisk open. I'll fiddle with that when I have time.

Stephen Hart

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