[X-Apps] Safari Stopped Tabbing

Susan Midlarsky susanrm at MIT.EDU
Mon Jul 28 08:50:24 PDT 2003

>I have my Safari prefs set up for Tabbed Browsing. Used to work.
>Of late, every click on a link (e-mail, RSS) brings up a new page, 
>not a new tab.
>Any suggestions about how to set things 'right' again?
>Jim Wickman  --  Pasco, WA

Sounds like your prefs got corrupted. Try going back into Preferences 
and setting it up again. If that doesn't work, quit Safari, then go 
into Home>Library>Preferences and trash com.apple.Safari.plist. When 
you restart Safari and set up your prefs again, they should stick.


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