[X-SW] dictionary

Jerry Rocteur macosx at rocteur.cc
Sat Oct 28 10:05:48 PDT 2006

* Robert MacLeay <robertmacleay at mac.com> [2006-10-28 18:35]:
> On 10/28/06 7:50 AM, "Jerry Rocteur" <macosx at rocteur.cc> wrote:
> > * Jorge Parada <jorgedaniel at mac.com> [2006-10-28 15:43]:
> >>    I have been looking for an English-Spanish Spanish-English Dictionary for
> >>    Mac OS X for my translation work and I have not found one that suits me.
> >>    Can anyone help me?
> > What is wrong with the Dashboard Translator ?
> > 
> > F12 and translate ?
> Plenty.
> Most words in both Spanish and English have multiple meanings. Translation
> software which gives you a single word *without a definition* is essentially
> worthless.
> example: cuadrado > adjusted > fit
> Too bad if you were asking about the mathematical term for multiplying a
> number by itself.
> Not to mention that the Dashboard Translator does not play well with other
> widgets.
> To answer Jorge's question, I have found nothing satisfactory myself. The
> best of a terrible lot is good old Babelfish, which does phrases; being able
> to translate the word in context helps.

I guess that as I'm usually translating between French/English/Dutch and two of those I know well, I've always thought that Dashboard did a good job..

But I guess for serious work, it is lacking, I look forward to reading other answers.


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