[X-HW] Rant: These Bloody Ventilators!!!

Philip Mötteli moetteli.bulk at bluewin.ch
Sun Jan 5 10:16:06 PST 2003

Am Sonntag, 05.01.03 um 18:29 Uhr schrieb Morgan Reed:
>>> and I suuure don't need the noise!
>> I thought it was an exageration, when people told me, that it is so
>> loud. I couldn't imagine, that a company, that charges three times the
>> price of an equivalent computer with Linux on it, could dare to 
>> produce
>> so lousy boxes. So I bought the computer and now I deeply regret it.
> but has anyone looked
> into the fans that are being used?

Apparently, a German company is investigating. But then one has to pay 

> The Build-Your-Own PC crowd has been looking at noise issues for ages, 
> so I
> would investigate their research.

Yes, I did. I didn't find the case I was looking for. But there are 
lots of possibilities.

> Which brings me to my snotty point:
> If you think your mac is loud, try a P4 or an Athalon.  Holy Crap! you 
> have
> to bury the machine in sound deadening to hear yourself think.

Well, at the very same time, when I bought my dual PowerMac, I mounted 
an Intel P4, 2.4GHz for my wife. I took the cheapest case, I could 
find. It is astonishingly loud, yes. But the sound is less acute and it 
is constant. It doesn't all the time change, in order to start its 
Apart from that, I payed a quarter of the price of my PowerMac. For 
this difference I could mount a completely silent computer made out of 
gold and a keyboard out of diamonds.

> If noise is
> important to you, expect to buy a much more expensive case for your 
> PC, plus
> more expensive fans.

That's one possibility. There are others, thanks to X-Windows. The 
problem is, I don't want to throw away my PowerMac, nor spend again the 
money to buy a new computer.

> I must make do with my DP 800 with
> superdrive, which is damn quiet even with two HDs

Apple made a very great computer concerning noise: The Cube. And that 
philosophy I'm also looking for in the Intel world: Just put the power 
supply outside the case and you're done. That doesn't cost a lot. 
Actually, I'd say, it would cost about the same, because one can save 
the biggest fan in the case. So the only fan that would be necessary, 
is the one for the CPU.


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