[X Newbies] Diskwarrior and OS X

Shawn King shawn at yourmaclife.com
Mon Dec 2 12:43:25 PST 2002

On 12/2/02 11:56 AM, "Albert W D'Amanda" <aldamanda at comcast.net> wrote:

> I believe what is being referred to here is that Apple is releasing
> "rumors"  that next year, all "new"  Apple machines will not be able to
> bootup on OS9.2

It's not a rumor. Steve Jobs announced at himself.

> Does it mean that If I insert a  CD with  a bootable,  OS9.2 , blessed
> System Folder  installed , It will not bootup
> with the C key depressed?

> My copy of DiscWarrior boots up on its preinstalled OS9.2. I use it to
> check out an OSX volume with no problems
> But does Apple now mean that with its upcomming "new" machines, this
> will not happen?


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