Changing The DNS Connection

Jerry Krinock dearjerry at
Tue Dec 3 11:21:01 PST 2002


The "Automatic" network location is wonderful but I think it's a little too
smart for me.  At home, my Powerbook G4 is connected via an Apple airport to
our Earthlink DSL line.  (The Airport does the PPPoE.)  When I go to my day
job, I sleep my powerbook, ride here on my bike and connect to a 100BT
ethernet.  I'm online instantly - very cool.

However, according to our IT guru, it seems I am still connected to the
Earthlink DSL Domain Name Server (DNS) or something like that.  Thus,
internal company IP addresses which we have set up here, for instance our
email server, do not "resolve" to the desired company servers.

Some times it seems to have switched to our internal DNS, but I don't know
what causes it to switch.  Logging out and back in does not help; probably a
restart would.

I would appreciate if someone could correct my partial explanations, and
explain to me how to understand and control this (preferably using something
which is quick and AppleScript-able).


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